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Skylight 680 LITE
  • Skylight 680 LITE


    The SkyLight 680 LITE is our latest High Performance True Full-Spectrum LED Grow light. If you are looking for the best, then you can forget about the rest.

    Constructed of aircraft quality aluminum alloy for ultra light weight, enhancewd heat dissapation, and extreme durability. Foldable. All components are of the highest quality and performance. All LEDs are authentic Samsung and Osram  (LM561C) diodes driven by Class-A drivers. Fully dimmable, daisy chainable, RJ12 smart control integrated input and output ports. Passive cooling. Optional UV integration. Precisionly tuned and calibrated for peak performance, reliability, and efficiency. Certified surpassing all regulatory safety compliances. High efficiency low current draw of 2.4 amps. 1800 umol/s. Heavy duty 16-ft power cord, light hangers are also included as a bonus.

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