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Do LED Grow Lights Get Hot?

The answer to this questions lies in understanding the process that makes LED lights emit heat in the first place. Many believe that LEDs don’t produce any heat but that is not physically possible. LED lights create heat due to minor deformities in the crystal parts of the diode. Not all of the electricity that goes into the diode can be turned into light and the rest is exhumed as heat. The lamp might feel cool to the touch, but the heat accumulates on the inside and this is where most of the misconceptions about LEDs running perfectly cool come from.  

The primary reason that LEDs produce heat is slight imperfections in the crystal structure of the diode.  The electricity that passes through the diode that doesn’t get turned into light gets turned into heat. Due to the nature of the materials that make up the diode there is also high reflectivity inside of it which contributes further to heat emission. Highly efficient LEDs such as the ones used in our manufacturing process can convert close to 80% of the electricity that goes in, which means that 80% of it is converted into light. This light is then emitted by the diode, but small portions of if it gets transformed into heat due to the processes explained above. This leftover heat is then re-assimilated by the diode. This is why LEDs exhume heat. The better the quality of diodes and components used, the more efficient assimilation of energy and light emission. That`s why it is important to trust brands that use only quality build materials. At Skylight LED we offer only the highest quality LED Grow Lights, putting our extensive experience and knowledge behind every product.





Maximize crop production by taking into account the light intensity curves of your LED grow lights.

Another important factor to consider is that heat production is a form of light absorption. When light is emitted from the grow lamp it is then absorbed by the plant or object it reaches. This process turns the light into heat as well. As the Law of Conservation of Energy dictates, energy simply changes its form and cannot be lost, so all light emitted from your grow lights will either transfer into energy for your plants or turn into heat.

The question then is what are the consequences of the emitted heat and how do LEDs compare to other lights on this spectrum?

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